The internet has brought about many social changes including how we communicate, research and express our creativity.

The internet has made massive impact on how business’s function. Being able to do business online has benefited the cultural Industries in particular. Access to the internet has completely modernised methods of marketing. Traditional methods of marketing such as canvassing, placing articles in magazines newspapers and producing leaflets are starting to decline. The cultural sector is now using the internet to offer downloadable material, produce a viral, blogs, videos which are appearing on websites like YouTube. Social networking through Facebook and twitter has developed into a trend.

The use of these electronic methods of marketing, allow for a faster service whilst providing the option of a brief or extensive format of information. The search engines will bring up information on any service or topic you want from online shopping to medical services such as vasectomy reversals. This can act as a very useful tool in promoting awareness of obscure or topics that people may feel self conscious about. Tackling these issues can only boost business and generate prosperity to organisations that choose to use the internet as the cultural industries have. The internet also acts as a mirror and initiator of cultural trends and industries in the U.K. This means that business developers can keep up to date with current trends which will inspire them to make progressive changes to their products and business plans.