Ideally, by now you should have a fairly good idea of what you want to do within cultural industries. As mentioned before, there is plenty to choose from all over the world. How-ever, it is worth mentioning how the UK is considered one of the hubs for creativity: after all, it is the country that gave Shakespeare to the world, along with a few other worthy creatives in all other industries.

Because of its prominence in the world market, the UK has clear plans to invest in the fu-ture of creative industries, with medium to long term plans to make it even more prominent that it already is. More and more is being done to allow people and business to access the creative pool, from training to websites to career advice.


Below are a number of websites suggested for further information on getting the best pos-sible chance to enter the industry and develop once in it, and the information is aimed a anyone from school leavers to mature career changers.

www.ccskills.org.uk – ideally, this might very well be your first port of call beyond Metier. It is the website for the creative and cultural sector and offers a wealth of information about training, news, industry strategies, as well as a more detailed overview of your particular UK region from a cultural point of view.

www.cida.co.uk – CIDA is the Cultural Industries Development Agency. This is specifically for the London area and they provide a range of services to the industry and people inter-ested in the industry. Their events calendar is worth a visit, offering a very diverse range of opportunities to find out more about what goes on in the creative industries.

www.creative-choices.co.uk – This is a fantastic website for all newcomers to the cultural industries. It is full to the brim of useful information on virtually every sector you might want to work in. It also talks about training and has useful how-to guides in the form of blogs. You will be able to access this from the CCSkills website as well.

Other useful websites have also been mentioned in other articles, so you should now have plenty of tools to get your creative appetite going. Good luck!